The 7 types of relationships, according to psychology

Psychologists and scientists have been working for decades to define what it truly means to be in a relationship. Emotional intimacy, passion, and commitment are the building blocks of any relationship that we see on the surface of the earth. Is there more to what meets the eye? How do you define a relationship? Let us understand by finding out about the 7 types of relationships that experts seem to believe exist. 


A period very early on in a relationship where two people do not know a lot about each other but share a mutual admiration. The truth is many couples do not go past this step as here the attraction isn’t based on understanding but comes from a space of wanting to get to know a person. 


Likingness or wanting to be able to spend time with each other is the natural progression step. This is where you start sharing common aspirations, goals and one begins to show their true authentic self to the other person. This is always a two-way street where if the physical attraction isn’t strong enough the relationship may or may not turn into a fruitful friendship. 

Empty Love

This phase usually indicates that there is a commitment with the partners but they somehow lack intimacy and passion. This sometimes means that the relationship has run its course and the two of you were probably not meant to be. However, with a bit of nudge and help from a professional one can find reasoning and possibly find a way to reunite or end things peacefully. 

Fatuous Love 

One may call it the most familiar form of love/relationships that we see out there. There is a commitment there is passion in the relationship and that keeps the relationship afloat. This is where the couple is ready to take a big leap of faiths together - wedding, officiating the relationship are some things that are on the cards here. However, what lacks is a true form of intimacy. These are successful relationships however true friendship seems to be missing here.

Romantic Love

This is the La La Land of relationships, everything seems to be on point here. The couple shares intimacy, they are attached to each other, and all things dreamy. However, a real commitment isn’t yet made or both are unsure about taking the next step together. Usually, these relationships do not reach the step of marriage. 


Companitonte covers love and intimacy. These are strong friendships that have seen the test of time. This is more of an arrangement with pre-decided terms, they usually are a by-product of long marriages, friendships. Where both the parties are not looking to get married but know they love the company of the other person. 

Consummate Love 

This sort of love while experienced rarely has the three vital components of an ideal relationship - passion, emotional intimacy, and commitment. These relationships are long-lasting and are an indicator of what the movies might call ‘true love’ 

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