How to make your relationship last? 

What is more difficult than being in a successful relationship? The art of making it last and to be able to allow it to breathe and turn into an experience that adds further value to your life and personal being. Here are a few things that you can do to ensure that your relationship lasts and sees the many facets that life has to offer to you as a couple. 

Talk about things that you like 

Make what matters count. Yes there will be things that a person sees on a day to day basis and that has the ability to bring a person down. But then you make a choice to also focus on the things that you like and that matter to you. You slowly yet steadily start creating a world where you feel like your interest matters and you give your partner the space to be able to share what works for them. 

Create your traditions 

As cliche it may sound, have your traditions, mark your calendars for dates, movie nights, trips to places you always wanted to go to. Bring planning as a part of your relationship ethos. When you can sit in business meetings, planning the next 5 years for your company you should be able to bring the same kind of goal planning inside of your relationship. Create a board. Find a way how you would want to document it. This will totally change how you approach the small and the big things in your relationship. 

Touch each other

No, we do not mean just sex. Find instances during the day to touch their face, hold them when they look stressed, give them a hug when you know they have had a terrible day. As a dude do not be afraid to want to be there for your partner. It might feel a bit strange doing this if you do not do this often but as you get used to the idea, it will come to you naturally and that will lead to amazing interventions for the both of you. 

Please listen 

Do not get carried away in trying to find meaning via just putting your point across. No matter how wronged you feel in a situation, try and first hear the other part of the story. It might not help resolve the issue but it for sure will help you understand better as to where your partner is coming from. Also, when you do that you by default enable your partner to want to hear you out too when you are frustrated. Give the respect that you demand for yourself. Play by that simple rule. 

Find those moments when together you do nothing 

Being comfortable in each other’s company is pivotal. In a day you are so occupied by the daily ordeals that one tends to take it for granted the other person’s presence. Try and balance that out by having a few moments in a day when you are not doing anything. Just sit together, do some simple breathing exercises and let your thoughts take over the space. Talk to each other if you feel like, stay quiet if it is not required. Just feel the energy of the other person and appreciate their contribution in your life.  

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