5 ways to regain love in your relationship 

There is no easy fix to this. No one can bring out a magic wand and do a poof on your relationship. However, if a relationship is worth saving and you feel like you should be investing further because you truly see the person who you are with as someone more important than the issue(s) that you are currently facing then here are 5 ways you can bring up your ally to regain the love. 

Walk a few steps behind 

If you want to go anywhere from this point. Please relax, take that breather and try and look at your relationship from the outside in. Try and remember how the other person made you feel when you started seeing each other. Draw a relationship map, plot the highs and lows, and look for yourself how happy/sad you were in it through the course. Think of things that you did differently and things your partner did to make you fall in love with them. Go to a restaurant that you went to for your first date. Do things that might bring nostalgia. Relive the relationship together. 

Create a support network 

You cant be sitting with your own perspective of how you look at your relationship and feel like things will eventually fall in place. Go meet old friends, join Mantor’s community for men, or seek some professional help. You have no clue how much outer world perspective can help you bring positivity and light into your relationship. Expecting all revelations to come from your partner is expecting way too much out of one person. Do this cautiously, know who you can trust and how much you are willing to share and you should be good to go. 

Stop running in circles 

Playing how things happened once upon a time and making yourself and your partner go over it again is not going to help the cause. Yes, there has been an issue and that has clearly hurt both of you. Unless you are not finding resolutions or making yourself feel better about the current scenario, there is no point in doing this. Give yourself and your partner the time to heal and time unfortunately is the only solution to some scars. 

Communication is not overrated 

Remember the last time you had a fight with a friend but then when you again started talking the fight seemed irrelevant? Most non-issues in life can be figured by that logic. Talk it out, create those venting spaces purposely. Stop keeping all that havoc of feelings inside of you. If you are hurt communicate it in the most honest way, if you feel good about something bring that up. Just try and be transparent as much as possible. This is your person in life. Do remember that always. 

Do that cheesy thing 

Those extremely couply things? Yeah, they exist for a reason. Running your hand through their on the dinner table is not overrated. It just adds character to a beautiful night. The date does not have to end with a typical dinner and drinks. It is how you make those dates count. personalize them. Bring more of you in them. That is what makes memories. 

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