5 things to do today to change your relationship (for good)

Choosing to change your relationship for good and actually embarking on that journey are two separate things. Let us dive deeper to find out 5 things you can start implementing almost instantly to find a better groove to your relationship.

Let your worries and inhibitions to be known

It is simple, if you want to resolve the issues of your relationship you need to be aware and accepting of them. Relationship issues do not get solved just by hoping that time would fix things. Do yourself this favour and tell your partner how you are truly feeling about certain things that make you happy or bothersome. Make your presence felt. Let them understand you a tad bit better.

Touch each other often

A touch just doesn't always have to be sexual. It could be a pat on the shoulder, a hug, a hand held or just running your hand through your partner’s hair. A passionate touch is almost like a healing charm, our bodies crave that so be more open in showing physical intimacy outside of the bed. Same goes for you, if you like being touched, remind your partner to ask for a kiss, steal a peck. Do not hide away from showing your affection. If you haven’t done that so far in your relationship, today is a great day to start.

Fix your daily routine

Stop doing things on autopilot. Yes, you have reached a certain sense of stability in your professional and personal life but that does not mean there is no longer room to grow and learn. While taking a break is beautiful and absolutely necessary one must also know when to check back in. And it is the little things that you do together, take a walk instead of binge watching something on Netflix, take a day trip instead of sleeping in.

Fight better and with rational

It is no rocket science that if you are in a relationship there are bound to be arguments. That is part and parcel of life and something you just can’t really have a lot of control over. What we can have control over is how you fight and what are the ground rules for an argument. Define fighting fair and constructively.

Offer repairs and a hand in peace

The biggest clap back is offering chances to mend things. If you can master your anger and feeling of resentment you can easily come to the conclusion that finding repairs in a relationship is comforting, not just for your partner but for you as a person too. It is all about bending the ego and choosing the person over the fight/disagreement. It is a process to get there but if one tries everyday they surely can reach there.

What are some things that worked for you as a couple? Now is a good time to take a step back and think about those and introspect why and what shifted things when you brought about small/big changes in your outlook towards the relationship.

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