4 reasons why you are not able to sport couple goals!

Relationships require work. One has to be putting in effort every single day to nurture and grow them. Unfortunately, with the pace with which we function it is becoming difficult to keep a tab of our emotions and of our beloved partners. Here are the four reasons why we feel you might not be able to be the #CoupleGoals that you always wanted to be.

Lack of intimacy and commitment

The intimacy simmering down is a natural process. The honeymoon phase of any relationship hits a roadblock after the initial phase is over. All couples go through it as they progress in a relationship. But when the partners are not willing to do something about it is where the trouble begins. Ask yourself, when was the last time you brought something to your relationship because you actually wanted to see progress. If you think you can’t think of doing something like that recently then it is time to evaluate your contribution towards your partner and align each other’s expectations.

The vibe has shifted

Vibe isn’t a millennial lingo. It is a lot more than that when looked at from a fulfillment lens. In general you have been feeling bitter, things have been triggering, there hasn’t been an honest constructive conversation. The vibes have changed and the sparks do not fly like they did once upon a time. This is more about how you feel about your place in the relationship. The only solution to this is to communicate, put your cards on the table and tell your partner how you truly feel about the two of you being together.

You start to feel stuck You know you're not 100% happy, but you also know you don't want to end things with bae. You are simply lacking introspection and aren’t able to see your relationship from a distance. A good idea would be to withdraw yourself from the daily odereals and look at your relationship from a near distance. A good idea would be to reach out to a professional or a friend who can bring further perspective to what you have been feeling. Bottling up and letting things be how they are is never the right answer.

Compromising is no longer an option for you

A relationship is about listening to each other and helping one another feel comfortable in the relationship. If one partner stops trying to compromise and understand the other, the relationship isn't working anymore. Find out why you are getting triggered, a good idea is to journal your thoughts, revisit them, find patterns and try to break them. This can help you put a name to how you feel instead of living into ambiguity.

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