3 Red flags to look at when assessing your place in a relationship

Being with someone is complicated, as much as a relationship is all things pretty and fairy tale. It comes with its own share of red flags and issues. Team Mantor is listing out three such red flags that you must be totally wary off. Let us dive right in:

They demand your phone, email and social media for constant checks.

Why would someone do that unless they do not trust the other person? You are entitled to autonomy and privacy to your chat box and that is a fundamental right in most countries across the world. Do not let your partner take that away from you. If you are in the nascent state of your relationship be clear of your own space. It is important whether you are with someone or not.

They refuse to make your relationship public.

Keeping your relationship secretive is a choice that both the people in a relationship need to make. It is not a decision that only one person should be entitled to. If your partner is particularly not willing to talk about the relationship in front of close friends and family then that is a direct sign of toxic behaviour. Something that must be addressed and communicated. You do not deserve to feel that way in a relationship.

They describe all their exes as "toxic."

It is bound to happen that past relationships can leave a person sore. But if your partner considers all their exes as crazy or delusional then there is a big possibility that the problem is in them and not you. Catch those signs, talk and understand more about their previous experiences. Take the future call accordingly.

There are plenty of such signs that should not be ignored. Most people look past issues thinking that they would eventually come around. This shuts the window of communications and leads to wrong expectations and chaos.

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